What is beard oil?

Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath it. It works to hydrate the skin in a similar manner to regular face moisturizing creams. The big difference with beard oil is that the oil is much more efficient at reaching the skin beneath and more easily spreads on your facial hair to ensure proper hydration. This is impossible with regular face creams, especially for those with big beards. The oil also softens and tames the beard while leaving a fresh scent. It nourishes the beard, making the hairs healthy and strong. Basically, if you plan on having any kind of beard, beard oil is essential to both taming and nourishing the hair and skin beneath it.

How much Beard Oil should I use?

Use the dropper to put a dime sized amount on your palm. This is enough to spread evenly on your beard and skin but it varies depending on your beard size so do not be afraid to add a little more! The ideal beard should look shiny and groomed, so put just enough to achieve that ideal.

How often should I apply Beard Oil?

You only need to apply Beard Oil once a day, ideally, after a shower or after washing your face.

How do I apply Beard Oil?

First, make sure your beard is damp and was washed, then drop a dime sized amount onto your palm. Massage your hands with the oil and apply it evenly throughout your beard while making sure to get the skin underneath. Apply from the skin to the beard. After you have massaged it into your beard and skin for a minute or so, run a comb through your beard to both style it and to make sure the oil was spread evenly. In just 2 minutes you'll look like just came back from the barber with a fresh trim and an awesome smell. 

What's in our Beard Oil?

Our Oils are all natural natural with animal free testing. It does contain some tree nut oils so be sure to test a small amount on your forearm to see if you have any allergies. Ingredients: Virgin Argan Oil, Pure Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hemp-seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Scented With Premium Grade Fragrance Oils.