About BeardLove

Beard Love is a brand owned by two bearded brothers (well not really, but we get mistaken for brothers all the time) who are dedicated to bringing a masculine line of products to help promote health and beard fashion for men. We have been bearded since before having a beard was a fashion trend.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, beards have been a part of our lives since before we were a sparkle in our fathers' eyes. They are an essential part of our local culture. So is taking care of them. Before beards became popular, the only answer to beard oil was a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Not anymore though. Now we have Argan oil, Jojoba oil and all kinds of other carrier oils to make sure our beards: look great, stay healthy and smell amazing! The bearded world rejoices!

Our goal is to provide men with affordable, high quality products that promote a healthy and handsome beard.

Basically, we want your mane to feel well groomed, to grow strong and healthy, and to provide a product that supports your lifestyle, whatever you and your beard are in to.

Today we ship our beard oils all over the US and Canada to happy, hard working bearded men (and the partners who love them). 

You can contact us at beard@beardlove.net

Address: 339 54a Street, Delta, BC, Canada, V4M 3J2