The Art of Being a Stylish Beardsman

The Art of Being a Stylish Beardsman

As the title suggests, being a true, stylish beardsman is, indeed, an art. Even though there are plenty of bearded guys who are known for their impeccable and very fashionable bearded style, there are those who simply don’t know what to wear to match properly with their beard. Of course, there aren’t rules, as you can wear whatever you want, but there are some things that will make you definitely stand out from the crowd. So if you’re one of them, make sure to check this list out in order to get a couple of ideas that you could rock alongside your facial hair.

(s)Lumber party

The garment that without a doubt goes best with a beard is the classic plaid flannel shirt. Since it’s a very popular piece of clothing, always fashionable and comfortable, (and can perfectly accentuate your muscles), this is the right garment if you’re going for a sexy lumberjack look. The good thing about it is that you can’t go wrong with the colour – choose any that you like and it will match perfectly with your beard. The next step – take a camera, hit the woods and have the photo session of a lifetime!


Nowadays, more and more guys are paying attention to the accessories they wear, and if you’re a beardsman, then you simply cannot go around without some of the most popular ones. You can opt for great hats, hair bands, rings and necklaces. If you’re a bit bolder and going for a more retro hipster look, the pipe is a great accessory for you, as it can match perfectly with your beard. However, some of the most important accessories are the ones that are literally on your body – such as tattoos and piercings. The first one became such a powerful statement, that if you’re rocking a beard, you must have one, and it also looks so damn attractive to the gals. If you’re not a fan of tattoos, you can always opt for a nice piercing (a real one or a fake one – it’s up to you), but the 411 is that you can wear whatever the hell you want with your beard and it will look perfect.



Speak of the denim

Just like the classic plaid shirt that we spoke about, denim is also a beardsman’s best friend. If you have dark hair and a dark beard, you should definitely light up your look by wearing washed and light blue denim jeans and shirt. Roll up your sleeves; put a denim jacket on top, perhaps some Adidas sneakers and you have yourself a killer look. If you’re fair, you can go with a darker shade of denim in order to accentuate your beard and its colour. Go full denim – not only does it match excellently with the bearded look you’re promoting, it is also very fashionable – bearded or not!

Pure elegance

Take the casual, street style you’re rocking aside for a moment, and focus on some more formal events. For these occasions, going suited up sounds excellent, as great suits match perfectly with any facial hair. If you’re hitting a wedding party, why not raise your bearded game a notch and get one of many men’s wedding suits so that you have that bearded wedding look on fleek? Make sure that you always get a fitted, custom-made suit so that it looks perfect on your body – you definitely don’t want to spoil your beard game with a regular suit that doesn’t fit you properly. 

Leather weather

Lastly, there is another way you can make your beard and your look an art, and that is by wearing leather. There are days on which you’ll be wearing the plaid shirts, and other days on which you’ll be going full denim. But make sure to include a day for leather. The best option here would be to buy excellent black leather pants, as they can look simply a-man-zing! However, since wearing leather pants takes a bit of courage, you can always rock this style with leather boots or shoes (footwear is very important!) or a leather belt with any other combination. Add a leather bracelet and there you go!


Yes, being a fashionable and stylish beardsman is an art, but perhaps you’re just the artist that the world longed for. Make sure to follow these tips to find out, and enjoy all the compliments you’ll be getting!



Peter a men's lifestyle writer at The Beard Mag from UK. Beside writing he worked as a men's grooming consultant for many fashion events. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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