Benefits of Beard Oil

Beards have become one of the most popular fashion trends for men in the past few years. We see them everywhere in our daily lives, on social media and the movies. Most people love them, they can be styled in different ways; adding variety to men’s fashion and character to our faces. We grow beards because we love them and they look great, but not all beards were created equal and its hard to get it looking as good as the models and actors we see growing them. The biggest mistake men make when growing a beard, is they don’t properly maintain it. Cleanliness is essential to keep a beard look shiny and groomed.

Maintaining proper hygiene for the face and body should be essential for every man. Whether it be taking daily showers, using face moisturizers or cleanser every night. Although these do help, most of these basic steps are not enough for people with beards. Beards, while looking majestic, can be quite hard to maintain and can sometimes cause problems. Most often it causes dry skin and irritation, which can also lead to pimples underneath the hair. The skin underneath the beard doesn’t normally get a lot of attention as face moisturizers don’t reach there. This can cause beard flakes, which is what we call dandruff for your beard, something we’d all like to avoid. Therefore, beards require an additional step to our usual hygiene routine.

 Beards need certain vitamins and oils and to keep hydrated, strong and prevent irritation of the skin underneath. Beard Oils provide the oils and vitamins needed to do just that. Our beard oils use all natural oils with the specific purpose of hydrating and nurturing the hair and skin underneath. Our oils contain, Jojoba Oil, Virgin Argan Oil and Vitamin E oil among others. There are no added chemicals, only natural tree and botanical oils, making it a healthy choice for your beard. Jojoba oil specifically is the magic ingredient; used by Native Americans for many years, it’s nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and enhances the beard’s natural oils. When you work beard oil through your beard and mustache, the hydration goes straight to the follicle, much like a conditioner does when you wash your hair. Jojoba oil is also used to treat acne prone skin or skin irritation. Making it the ultimate ingredient to keep a healthy beard and face. The other oils, like Virgin Argan Oil, also known as Moroccan oil, makes the hair shiny and repairs damaged hairs. It is abundant in vitamin A and E which also helps to nourish the skin and rejuvenate it, repairing damaged or scarred skin from acne. Basically, the ingredients found in our products are all natural, will repair nurture your hair and skin, allowing it to grow strong and healthy while leaving a shiny, pristine look on your beard.

While beard oils keep the hairs healthy, strong and promote growth, it also has the awesome side effect of smelling great! One of our most famous scents is Bourbon Barrel, it smells exactly as its name suggests, the faint hint of a refined liquor while not being so strong as to have you smelling like a drunk. There are several other scents to choose from, as well as having the option of no scent at all.

Bear oil is made by men for men, masculine way to promote health and style to all beards. It is essential to anyone who wants a great looking mane. Remember, the trick to a nice-looking beard is to keep it shiny, healthy and styled.

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