BeardLove Review by Major Beard

We are so happy to share with you a review of our beard oils by Major Beard! Not long ago we sent two of our very popular beard oils; Bourbon Barrel and Deep Wood to be reviewed by Major Beard and they LOVED it. 

They loved our unique scents and how it moisturizes and conditions the beard. Even their significant others loved the scent. That's what's great about our beard oils, when you show your beard some love with our oils, other people will love it too. 

We know our our products are one of the best out there and Major Beard thinks so too as they predict our line will become a customer favorite; "How does BeardLove stack up against other brands? Incredibly well, I don’t think it will be long before you see this brand being recommended in everyone's top 10 list, their beard oils are great and they are constantly developing new scents."

We always have confidence in our products but it's great to hear such a glowing review of our products. We know we can rival any competitor when it comes to quality and price, we have the most varied scents out there. With 10 different oils your bound to find more then a handful that you like, and that's way more then anything our competitors can say. BeardLovers are loving our product variety and is a must buy for anyone with a beard, but don't just take our word for it; "yes we would buy them, and we do recommend them, if you are looking for your next beard oil then you must give Beard Love’s beard oils a go, your beard will thank you."

Thank you Major Beard for this great review! Remember BeardLovers to check out our wide selection of products, take advantage of our Free Shipping discount to try out multiple products for yourselves or loved ones.

Show your beard some love with BeardLove!

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