Beard Trimming 101 - Six Steps to Success at Home

Beard Trimming

Beard Trimming 101 - Six Steps to Success

Your personal at-home guide to maintaining your beard 

Growing a beard used to be as simple as this – you just stopped shaving. In fact it did not matter much if your beard was dark or light, short or long, people did not care much. Things are different now. People have moved away from farm life and are in close proximity to each other in offices where facial hair is noticed. Since a wild, unkempt appearance won’t be well received at work you will have to do some serious tailoring if you decide to grow a beard. If you want to be approachable at work, at the pub and everywhere else, it is a wise move to keep your facial hair in check. 

Fortunately, a well groomed beard can be a great asset if it is well presented.

Here are some simple steps to follow to groom your beard so it works to your advantage. 

Step 1:

Keeping your beard clean and healthy is important. So start by giving it a good wash with a shampoo or soap that is just for beards. Then use a beard oil to make the beard softer. This will prepare it for step two. 

Step 2:

Once the hair has dried, use a brush with natural bristles or a comb with rounded teeth and run it against the grain for your beard to get all the hairs sticking out. Then brush or comb it into the style you would like, this will make all the hairs stand out in the right position so that is easier to trim away hairs that are too long.

Step 3:

Now you can use clippers to trim until you have the length you are comfortable with. Remember to us a bigger guard to begin with so that you don’t cut off too much by accident. If you a going for something simple just trim your entire beard evenly. Use your clippers to trim to your preferred length. For your moustache, a short guard would work best. 

If you decide to create some shape you can use a shorter guard for the cheeks and sides of your face and a longer guard around the chin area. There does not need to be too much of a difference – if you use setting 4 on the cheeks and sides of your face, then a 5/6 would work for a chin area. Too much difference will give you “the Egyptian” style of beard.


Step 4:

Since it is not easy to trim your moustache with clippers with a guard, comb the moustache hairs downwards and using the clippers alone, trim away hair that falls over the lip. For people who don’t have a steady hand, moustache scissors would be a more suitable option. Using a comb as a guard can ensure that you don’t trim away too much hair.


Step 5:

This step is really important. The way you trim the neck line is crucial and is something that you should perfect. Making the demarcation in the wrong place or ignoring it all together can be the downfall of a perfectly good beard. Knowing where to stop is important. If your beard ends too close to the jawbone it will seem as though you are sporting an unflattering double chin. On the other hand if you drop too far down, you risk looking like your furry friends. 

It is probably best to trim your beard just above the line of your Adam’s apple. It is a delicate procedure but is an important one because finding the right place means you have a beard and a neck.  The best way to do this is to place two of your finger and put them above the Adam’s apple. Then focus on a point above your fingers and create an imaginary U shape that goes up to the back of each ear. Everything below this line will need to be shaved. If you just shave below the neckline it will be a sudden stop but if you prefer a more gradual transition where the beard fades more you can use your clippers and using the short guard create a fade by setting the clippers at half your desired beard length.  

You may wish to visit a barber on a quarterly basis to have your beard lines cleaned up and placed properly. Inevitably over time you’re going to get a little off track with your neck and cheek lines so it is nice to have a professional check it over and fix any mistakes.

Step 6:

This step is an obvious one.   In the same way that we keep the hair on our heard neat and tidy, you also need to comb or brush your facial hair. You can use a good quality beard oil to make sure the hair is softer. Then you can use a beard comb to distribute the oil evenly though the hair and style it. Combing it will reveal any stray hairs you may have missed earlier which you can trim with your scissors.

There you have it - everything you need to know about trimming your beard perfectly in six simple steps. It’s not a tough chore when you have the right know-how. Make these steps part of your regular beard care regime and you’ll have a perfectly trimmed beard every time!

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