8 Simple Tips to Beard Grooming for Beginners

8 Simple tips to Beard Grooming for Beginners

If you have been thinking about growing a beard but are not sure if you will be able to make it a successful venture, these beard grooming tips will help you with the basics. Just like with anything new you embark on, being prepared makes all the difference. Here are a few grooming tips that will help you grow a beard that is perfect for you, without all the fuss and worry. It will take some patience to grow your beard and you will have to provide some extra care, but with so many great products out there and these simple tips, you will have a new look you can really be proud of without much effort!


  1. Patience - It takes time to grow a great beard
  2. Shape - Find the perfect shape for your face
  3. Trimming - Pruning is as important as growing
  4. Washing - Often but not too often
  5. Oiling - Keep it lubed
  6. Training - Get the hairs going in the right direction
  7. Moustache’s - Don’t forget them
  8. Fueling - Make sure you’re putting the right stuff in you body


1) Patience Pays Off

Crafting the perfect beard begins with having he patience to grow it. This means that you have to be mentally prepared to let your beard grow for about a month or six weeks before you even think of trimming it. This may initially take a lot of self-control and you will have to get past the initial uncomfortable period while you allow the hair to grow evenly before you trim it. You can use this time to think about what kind of style you want in terms of style based on the length and thickness or your beard. 

2) The Perfect Beard to Suit your Face Shape

There is a perfect beard for every shape and once you have grown a full beard you will be able to find which beard suits your face shape the best. You will have to decide if you want a short or long beard and after you try out a few styles you will know which one is best suited to you based on the shape of your face.

3) Trimming Techniques

Even if you are planning on keeping a full beard, trimming it correctly is very important and having a good quality trimmer is essential for this. Pruning is an important step in beard health and it does not matter if you are planning or having a long or cropped beard, keeping it tidy will help you and your beard look healthy and in great shape!

4) Regular Washing

When you start growing your beard, it can get itchy since skin cells and food can get trapped. The best way to avoid this problem is to scrub your beard with a cleanser a few times a week before patting it gently to dry. Avoid rubbing your beard too much with a towel since this is known to cause split ends and frizzy beard.

5) The Magic of Beard Oil

There is no better solution than using beard oil to tame your beard and keep it soft and shiny. With so many different ones to pick from, it is really easy to keep your beard in great condition. All you have to do it pick a scent you like and use the beard oil regularly. 

The highest quality beard oils will have Argan oil and Jojoba oil at the top of their ingredients list. These oils are the closest to mimicking the natural oils that exist in your beard. This will keep your beard healthy without giving it a greasy look that can happen when you use substandard oils.

Also, consider where your oils are made. Oils made overseas don't necessarily follow high quality control standards or safety and health standards for their employees. Buying ethically and sustainably for your beard oils is just as important as it is for everything else you buy.

6) Training Your Beard

Once you have found the shape you have chosen for your beard, trimming it will help maintain the shape. If you want to help your beard grow just use a beard brush and a comb to tackle stubborn hairs and help them grow in a downward direction. 

You may want to consider adding Sea Salt spray as well to give your beard body and to help it train in the right direction. This will help when you're brushing to keep the hairs going in the right direction.

7) Don’t Forget the Moustache

If you want to get the most out of a bearded look, don’t forget your moustache. It helps to complete the look and the best way to keep it looking neat is to trim the portion under your nose using a pair of grooming scissors. If you need some help to sculpt it, you can use a wax to keep it in the shape you chose. Using a medium hold wax should give it enough support without getting to stiff or hard.  

8) The Right Fuel

You can’t have healthy facial hair without having a healthy body. There are some nutrients that your beard will really benefit from to keep it healthy. Protein and fat are what make up a healthy beard and getting enough nutrients, vitamins and mineral is important in maintaining beard health. Start by adding leafy green vegetables to your diet. It is also highly recommended to eat plenty of lean meats, dairy products, nuts and egg yolks to ensure that you get enough Vitamins B5, B3, and B9 which help with hair growth and health. If you are really committed to having the healthiest beard possible you can also add supplements for healthy hair to your diet. 



Start Growing!

So, growing a beard does not have to be daunting after all. Having a routine that is as simple as washing your beard and conditioning it regularly are the first steps in growing a healthy beard. Keeping your beard well-trimmed and brushed often and using some gentle products to keep your new style in check as the next important step in creating a perfect beard. Finally, eating the right foods and adding some supplements for hair health will give you the final touches for growing the perfect beard without a fuss. 

So, there you have it – growing a beard can be quite simple if you follow these easy recommendations. 

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